• Private Preparation for National Benchmark Tests (NBT) - MAT.
    Ektra Wiskunde klasse / Extra Math classes / SAT prep

  • Some universities use the Matric certificate results and the NBT results
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Dates 2021
Time Table
Mathematics:  R850/student (includes study material)
Academic- and Quantitative Literacy:  R550/student (includes study material)
6 & 13 Feb Alma International School (Cambridge - Mathematics and AQL )
2 March HS Sentraal (Bloemfonein - only AQL)
4-5 March HS Witteberg (Bethlehem - only AQL)
6 March University of Pretoria  (Mathematics and AQL:  Afrikaans & English)
12 March  HS Waterkloof  (Pretoria - only AQL
13 March HS Linden (Johannesburg - Mathematics and AQL )
20 March HS Sentraal (Bloemfontein - only Mathematics)
23 March HS Cradock (only Mathematics - online - Afrikaans & English)
25 March Curro (Polokwane - Mathematics and AQL (online) )
7 & 8 April Solidariteit:  Skole Ondersteuning Sentrum - Pretoria
10 April Curro (Nelspruit - Mathematics and AQL ( Afrikaans & English))
20-21 April HS Cradock   (only AQL)
24 April DF Malan (Kaapstad - Mathematics and AQL (Afrikaans & English))
26 April HS Hermanus (Mathematics and AQL (Afrikaans & English))
1 May HS Secunda ( Mathematics and AQL (Afrikaans & English))
8 May Afrikaans Hoër Meisies Pretoria (Wiskunde en AKG) Slegs Afrikaans
15 May University of Pretoria  (Mathematics and AQL:  Afrikaans & English)
5 June University of Pretoria  (Mathematics and AQL:  Afrikaans & English)
3 July University of Pretoria  (Mathematics and AQL:  Afrikaans & English)
14 August Online:  Mathematics and AQL:  Afrikaans & English
28 & 30 September Solidariteit:  Skole Ondersteuning Sentrum:  Graad 11 aanlyn werkswinkels
October Grade 7 - 11 Examination preparation workshops
'Prep Session'
8:00 Registration
8:30 Short discussion of NBT(AQL)
9:00 Mock NBT(MAT)
11:00 Lunch
11:30 Discussion of Mock NBT(MAT)
14:30 Workshop
15:15 End of session

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Contact Us
We are based in Pretoria, and willing to travel to other cities if numbers permit.
+27 (0) 72 582 4417 Reinette le Roux
Office hours Mo - Fri, 8:30-4:30
Duard le Roux,
B.Sc. HDE Cum Laude

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  • How/where do I get hold of old/previously written NBT papers? +

    There are no old/previously written NBT papers available, but we can help you prepare for the NBT in one of two ways:

    • we run NBT(MAT) preparation courses;
    • our NBT(MAT) preparation workbook is available.
  • Can I re-write my NBT if my fist attempt was not successful or if my result was not satisfactory? +

    In the past students have had the opportunity to re-write the NBT's at certain universities, but to play safe you need to contact the university where you plan to do you tertiary studies. It could also depend on the course you are applying for.

  • Would I be ready for the NBT's once I have attended the course or worked through your books? +

    Probably not. While you would be far more ready after the course, you would need to do the 'homework' we will give you at the course. This could easily take you 10+ hours, but it is worth it!

  • How important is the NBT's? +

    Since 2005 universities do placement of students for certain courses based on three criteria:

    • Matric results
    • NBT results
    • Added value: participation and involvement in extra-curricular activities and other non-academic essentials at school (such as sport, leadership, etc.) as well as community service (such as community hours spent at a clinic, hospital, SPCA, etc )
  • The National Benchmark Tests +

    Introduced in 2005, the NBTs were commissioned by Higher Education South Africa with the main task of assessing academic readiness of first year university learners as a supplement to Secondary School reports on learning achieved in content specific courses. Some universities use the Matric certificate results and the NBT results to steer their placement decisions. The NBTs asses the ability to combine aspects of prior learning and consists of two (2) parts:

    • Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL); 3,5 hours in the morning and
    • Mathematics (MAT); 3 hours in the afternoon, on the same day.
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Faith Musoke
I attended your workshop on the 2nd July, and I wrote my NBT on the 6th July. The workshop was a great help, some of the questions were similar and I definitely felt confident going into the NBT after the workshop and the practice I did on the Olympiad website. My maths score was an 82%. Thank you so much for all the help.
Regardt Taute
I took your course to prepare for the NBT to allow me to study at the University of Pretoria and you have asked me for a testimony.
The prep session had helped me by showing me at what level I was at, at that time. The real NBT was easier in my opinion than the Purple Pepper Maths which is a good thing as it meant the preparation and the advice given had helped. My result was 87%
This result allowed me to gain admission at the University of Pretoria to study BEng (Chemical). I would recommend this preparation course for anyone who has to write the math portion of the NBT as it is insightful as to how the paper will look and gives you a clear idea of how much preparation you will need.
Shadé Breedt
Earlier this year (2015), I attended the Purple Pepper NBT prep session to get a better idea of what to expect in the National Benchmark Test. Besides my straight-A average in school mathematics, the practice paper made me aware of the fact that I was not ready for the intensity of the real NBT. It showed me what level I was on at the time and that it wasn’t where I wanted to be. After working through the exercise book and learning from the examples I went into the NBT with a sense of understanding. Many of the actual questions in the NBT MAT paper felt familiar and this helped me stay calm throughout the harder questions. I scored 87% for my MAT and have been accepted to study Medicine at Stellenbosch University next year.
Thank you, Duard and Reinette le Roux. Your course has helped me successfully achieve this important building block towards my future.